Ferdinand is an homage to my grandfather named Hans Bertil Ferdinand Larsson. He was a self-made man who succeeded in creating a company that was pioneering in its industry. He was notoriously stubborn with a huge drive.

I remember playing in his office where there was a huge, old map of the world that I always used to look at. There was always something new and exciting to discover.


I have always seen the map as a symbol of my own curiosity and discovery joy. This curiosity defines Ferdinand Vinrum. My grandfather is and always remains a role model to me in all respects.


With Ferdinand wine room, I want to explore the fantastic world that is wine. No style is too boring or too messy. No wine is too classic or modern. As long as the wine has something with it from its origin it is worth trying.


Come in and discover something new or
reunite with something family-friendly.

Hans Wejnefalk Larsson


Poetry comes in various shapes and forms but is classified back to distinctive rhythms and styles. A poem can invoke different emotional responses from different people, or even the same person at different points in life.

Such is wine,

whose distinctive characteristics lend themselves to the familiar wine styles, and emotional responses to the beauty of this art formare discussed in literature
since the beginning of time. Hence, wine is bottled poetry.



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Ferdinand is currently closed. Hope to see you soon again.